Barcelona Is a Mecca of World Architecture

Barcelona Is a Mecca of World Architecture travel

Barcelona is a dynamic city known for its historical and modern architecture travel. Just take a look

at the urban landscape and the diversity it offers, starting with the most famous of all, the Sigrid Familiar and Antonin Gaudi’s Casa Battle. Barcelona Cathedral, Mie’s van der Roe’s Barcelona

Pavilion, Jean Novel’s Torre Agar and Mie’s van der Roe’s Barcelona Pavilion are just some of

the impressive architectural travel designs, visit the city for yourself and delight your visual senses.

Every architectural journey must begin with Antonin Gaudi, so that  the greatest Catalan architect who

ever lived. Barcelona is full of his quirky and wonderful designs and so he is one of the main reasons

why the city attracts so many tourists. so that The most famous work of Gaudi in the city is the Basilica

of the Sigrid Familiar, still unfinished, and the most famous building in Barcelona. Antonin Gaudi

also launched the Park Gael project with the aim of being a resting place for the rich and famous.

Passaic de Garcia features

Passaic de Garcia features 2 of Gaudi’s original designs, so that  the colorful Casa Battle in Lila de la

Discordia and La Pedraza with so its rolling concrete and twisted iron balconies, ceiling sculptures

and chimneys.


Located at the foot of the tallest buildings in Spain, the Hotel Arts and the Ampere Tower travel in

Port Olympic are the famous Frank Gerry fish: the goldfish. Commissioned for the 1992 Olympic

Games, Fish and Hotel Arts were design by American Frank O. Gerry, considered one of the

most artistic and creative modern architects who contrasts space, materials and form to produce remarkable and energetic art. Some of his other works of art include the Walt Disney Concert Hall

in Los Angeles, the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, and the Fish dance Restaurant in Kobe, Japan.

so The fish sculpture is impressively large and measures 35 x 54 m. Constructed of stone, steel, and

glass, you can’t help but notice it, as its exterior is coverer with shiny metal sheets that change color

in the sun.


The Torre Agar, inspire by Gaudi, was designed by Jean Novel, whose shape reflects the

surrounding mountains of Montserrat and resembles an ascending shower of that The tower

measures 473.75 meters and has 38 floors and 4 underground levels and is made of reinforce

concrete covered by panels of red and blue glass. At night, the tower is illuminate with LED

lights in more than 4,500 windows, the glass curtains are motorized and automatically close to

regulate the temperature inside.

impressive hotel

The Hotel W, also known as La Vela, is an impressive hotel travels located by the sea and design by

the Catalan architect Ricardo Boil to look like a giant candle. Born in Barcelona in 1939, Boil is

famous for its architectural structures so that harmonize with different local cultures.


The new airport terminal was also design by Boil and his design has international multicultural qualities with the warmth of Mediterranean architecture that Its transparency allows natural light travel to flow into all areas and provides panoramic views of the slopes, the sea and the natural landscape.

The combination of functionality, technology, respect for the local environment and distinctive architecture will undoubtedly ensure the success of the new terminal and it will be copied around

the world.


Located in the 22 @ district of Avandia Diagonal de Pere IV, Hotel Me Barcelona is a glass

structure designed by French architect Dominique Perrault. To take full advantage of the city’s

outlook, so it’s ultra-modern, thought-provoking, and Victorian with vintage-style interiors and

furniture. Crystal chandeliers personally chosen by Pete Wentz have created a modern and

romantic atmosphere.

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