Disabled Specialist Travel Insurance

The topic of Disabled Specialist Travel insurance always makes the headlines of Brits Disabled Specialist Traveling abroad only to find themselves stranded and penniless for failing to inform their insurance company of Disabled or pre-existing medical conditions. So what steps should you take to ensure you have adequate coverage? Disabled Holidays Guide’s own director has been working in specialty Specialist Travel insurance markets since 200. So, who better to provide some guidance on this? Tourism and travel

Many people are of the opinion that if their disability and medical conditions are manage well. This will be of little importance to the insurance company and therefore do not forget mention them unless ask. The reality is that most Disabled Specialist Travel insurance policies have exceptions to medical conditions. It is always wise to check the medical statement from the insurance company to find out exactly how you are doing.

Disabled Specialist Travel insurance

There is a range of friendly specialist providers who will offer tailor-made Disabled Specialist Travel insurance packages and. Unlike the ‘standard’ policies obtained from Specialist Travel agents, banks and construction companies. They will be able to take into account your individual needs of insurance and advise you. about the best coverage options available. Could it be that you need a policy that covers your wheelchair, or maybe the trip depends on a caregiver? In addition to being confident if your disability or medical condition causes Disabled Specialist Travel complications. You will want to pay for the cost of the vacation if you have to cancel because your caregiver is unable to Specialist Travel.

Buy Disabled Specialist Travel insurance online

You can Buy Disabled Specialist Travel insurance online, but keep that in mind; It is the applicant’s responsibility to fully state all essential facts and may be slightly disputed. It may be easier to purchase Disabled Specialist Travel insurance over the phone and speak to a professional advisor who is responsible for informing you of coverage limits and your rights. Tell your insurance provider if you are taking prescription drugs, need ongoing medical supervision. Or have ever had a stroke, trouble breathing, heart, or cancer. If you do not declare medical conditions before the trip. You will not be able to claim any medical expenses incur if they are related in any way to past or present conditions.

My best advice is not to base your decision to buy a policy on price alone. But on the level of coverage you really get for your money. Specialist Travel wisely, buy proper insurance, and hopefully you’ll never have to use it! “

Victoria Moses is an instructor and author for Disabled Holidays Guide Ltd and has many years of experience in specialized Specialist Travel insurance industries for people with pre-existing medical conditions, the disabled and the elderly.

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