Distance Learning in Jamaica and the Caribbean

Distance Learning in Jamaica and the Caribbean

What is the greatest method to absorb and schoolwork so if you live in a district of the ecosphere

that is completed up of 41 diverse islands? For many people living in the Caribbean, distance

education is the method of choice when choosing to pursue a higher education. Many also choose

to move to study abroad. so With continuous advances in information technology, students can now

study from anywhere with an Internet connection and increasingly choose to study remotely to

limit costs.


Jamaica is one of the biggest proponents of distance education. As then Minister of Education,

the Hon. Andrew Holiness said last year that online learning “will be the choice of many more

students to pursue a tertiary education in the future.”

few limitations

Students tend to prefer English and math subjects as there are few limitations to what can be accomplished in these fields. For more practical subjects like engineering or science-related fields,

the notion of distance learning is somewhat questionable.so Companies have recently supported the

trend by recognizing so that distance education degrees provide an adequate foundation in certain



so that The number of ways students can now study online and the variety of tools available to them

continues to increase. From online presentations, e-books and interactive lessons, students can

have access to everything they would have in a ‘physical’ university. Online universities can now

provide a host of facilities for students so that were simply not available five years ago.

In Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, some of the world’s best-known distance education institutions

are providing a launching pad to push online learning in the Caribbean to higher levels. Jamaican universities have the required accreditation to obtain students seeking reliable degrees, as

accreditation is always preferable for companies seeking employees.so Jamaican colleges now

suggestion a variation of diploma, diploma, and gradation agendas grounded on a varied number

of corrections, with art and philosophy, construction and statue, science and technology,

occupational and administration, performing, and diagram.

specialists in their field

Certain institutions such as Utrecht consider themselves specialists in their field. Focusing on

a specific field means so that certain institutions are considered the obvious choice for people

looking to advance their career.


so that “The commendation of aloofness instruction fruitions in Jamaica is amateur to the indebtedness

of ascendency universally the ecosphere. Distance education courses are very useful not only for students and young people looking for work, but also for people who are currently working or

young professionals “. said a distance education graduate who had just completed her

undergraduate studies in English.


so that The continuous updating of educational information technology will be make future distance

education degrees more flexible and will be allow a greater number of subjects to be studied

successfully from home or from other places with an Internet connection. Students in Jamaica

should expect a positive learning experience in the future as they begin to be seen as a real force

in the world of distance education.


Claire Williams is a freelance writer who has worked with various businesses and educational institutions. She is currently working on a project promoting distance education in the



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