Five Day European Tour

Five Day European Tour

A recent five-day tour of some of Europe’s design leading shipbuilding factories by Catamaran

Group yacht brokers. highlighted major design innovations and new directions in

technology from leading European builders such as Lagoon, Taluka and All aura. Marine.

The trip allow the yacht brokers and staff to see first-hand how catamarans such as the

Lagoon 500. Lagoon 420 and Taluka 70 are made up using a combination of the latest

technology and well-train workforce specialists.


Nick Harvey, president of Lagoon America, took a comprehensive and in-depth tour of the

Lagoon facilities. all of which have undergone step-by-step and sometimes revolutionary .

changes in the four key areas of boat building: casting, trimming, assembly and forwarding

/ refinement.

Over the past 20 years. Lagoon has constantly adjusted and revised. the process to include

the use of robotic technology, template design, and rapid prototyping, speeding up the production that A highly skilled and mobile workforce ensures. advanced finishing with up to three

separate quality control checks before the ship leaves the factory.

design and implementation management

One of Lagoon’s leading figures in design and implementation management has been Bruno

Belmont, a graduate of the Southampton School of Naval that who help introduce

new composite techniques that have save up to 50% in costs when apply to models. New.

500 and 420.

The construction of the Bordeaux III plant underscores the growth in production and

technical requirements currently occurring at Lagoon.

Located between the Bordeaux I (aluminum) compounding workshop and Bordeaux II.

Bordeaux III will cumulatively occupy more than 15,000 square meters of space. so that It includes

a meeting room 120 meters long; 25 meters wide.

installation platform

The factory will also house a 2,500-square-foot installation platform, river-view offices,

shops, several workshops. and a corporate restaurant for the entire Bordeaux site.

The outdoor facilities will include in particular an area of ​​6,000 square meters. equipped

for the preparation of boats before launch. a sloped planning facility and landscaped areas

so that highlight. the integration of the facility into its river environment.

Bordeaux III will focus heavily on the Lagoon brand and in particular the Lagoon 500.

Advance construction techniques are currently being apply to the Lagoon 500 and Lagoon

420.which are describe later in the foundry section.

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