Why Many Don’t Reenlist in the Military

Why Many Don’t Reenlist in the Military

While many people have turned to the military as a job opportunity amid the recent recession,

most of them finish their initial trips and do not Reenlist. Since the military offers benefits such

as housing allowance, free medical and dental care, tuition, vocational training, exclusive

military reimbursements, it’s hard to imagine someone not wanting to re-enroll, but despite

earning a payroll and proudly defending their country, many soldiers and women swear that

they will never exist again, even if it meant a raise in pay.

One obvious cause is the indecision of both lifespan and location. After recruitment, many

employees are notified that they will be sent to a place to serve and in its place assigned another

area. Recruits who are told that their chances of going to Iraq or Afghanistan are pretty slim

often find that the odds quickly turn against them once they have signed their names on the dotted

line. People who are misled once are unlikely to face another deception.

loss of freedom

Another explanation given for the decision not to re-enroll is the loss of freedom. Many people

are not cut out to live on a word in which others make most of the decisions for them. As adults,

they look closely at the feeling of being controlled. In the military, orders are given and expected

to be followed. Everything else, even questionable, is likely to be considered subordinate.

most common explanation

The most common explanation for not being re-listed is the same reason that led people to their

families to begin with. Many people join the military to support their families, but when they leave,

they realize how much they lack by not being home. Every parent will be there for their son’s birth

and perhaps a daughter’s prom, and no parent will miss a test or the joy of Christmas morning.

For some, the benefits of the military are weaker compared to the most precious moments in life.

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