Pre-Existing Illness and Specialist Travel Insurance

Those over 65 often have a hard time finding  Pre Existing Illness Specialist Travel insurance at a decent price. According to statistics, they are three times more likely to file a claim. Therefore, the cost of your policies is usually three times higher. Plus, pre-existing illness conditions can further drive up costs, making finding good

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Disabled Specialist Travel Insurance

The topic of Disabled Specialist Travel insurance always makes the headlines of Brits Disabled Specialist Traveling abroad only to find themselves stranded and penniless for failing to inform their insurance company of Disabled or pre-existing medical conditions. So what steps should you take to ensure you have adequate coverage? Disabled Holidays Guide’s own director has

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Extreme Specialist Travel Insurance

A further warning has been giving to those who want to save on what can often be expensive Specialist travel insurance for a ski vacation. This may point out the obvious, but many advisers claim that Specialist Travel insurance. It is a must when it comes to skiing or any other type of vacation activity.

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Travel Insurance

Specialist Travel Insurance for Elderly People

Specialist Travel Insurance for Elderly People after retirement is a great way for everyone to have the best years of their lives. Most likely, when he was younger, he considers seeing the world and living in other countries, unfortunately even though his daily life and normal work got in the way. These are no longer

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