Take a Fascinating School Tour to Russia

Take a Fascinating School Tour to Russia

Will your students have an epic adventure on their next school tour? Book with an accredited

company with experience in serving groups of young people and you need to find an opportunity

that gives them a chance in life. In today’s modern world, travel is more accessible and should be

made the most of. There are some wonderful opportunities for school trips to a wide variety of destinations around the world, and specialty companies take great pride in exploring new travel

plans, so there is always something more to offer.


There is a huge selection of tours on offer, so no matter what your focus topic is, it’s for your

group. Whether you want to study the great artists of the Italian Renaissance or the geology behind

the formation of Niagara Falls, educational travel companies will be able to offer you exciting opportunities. If you can’t find the ideal itinerary or want to add to certain excursions, your trip

can be customized to suit all the group’s requirements.


Visiting a country like Russia is a fascinating experience for young students; here’s what to expect.


A school trip to Russia


Russia must be one of the most enigmatic countries in our world today in terms of its history

and culture. After undergoing a massive transformation in recent years, Russia has opened its

doors to visitors and is an amazing place to take young students on an educational excursion.

A trip to the capital Moscow is a great introduction to the country and there is plenty to see and

do here to keep your students busy for some time.



The Kremlin is an ancient pentagonal fort, magnificent in size and enormous in stature. Sitting on

a hill above Moscow, the Kremlin is enclosed by a high stone wall, eighteen towers, and five gates. Inside, the churches and palaces tell many stories from the Soviet era and will teach students about

the influence the government had in the countryside and in the rest of Europe.


Moscow city


Today, Moscow is a modern city entering the 21st century. However, it still holds its history and

heritage high, and harmonizes its past and present beautifully. You just have to walk on the city

subway to see how the architecturally designed subway stations are cleverly built into the old

buildings of the city, showing how old meets new.


A tour of Moscow and the nearby city of St. Petersburg with a local guide is the best way to get a

real feel for the two cities. Students will enjoy the stories and be exposed to a part of European

history that they never realized existed.


A trip to Russia would not be complete without a visit to the famous ballet. For students on a school

trip in Moscow, a trip to ballet is a great pleasure; Although the performing arts are not the central theme of the tour, no one can deny the incredible atmosphere of a professional ballet on site.


Angela Bowden everything for EST (Equity School Travel), the UK’s major enlightening travel corporation, and suggestions college lightweight roads to campuses, chief colleges and academies.

EST trips can include a wide range of learning opportunities in destinations around the world.


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