Technical Writing Specialist

Technical Writing Specialist

You don’t requirement a four-year college degree to develop a successful mechanical author. But there is something you can do to increase your chances of being hired as a mechanical writer.


Before I reveal this strategy to you, I must warn you. This is purely a marketing strategy. If you are new to technical writing, you may not be able to use it. This is especially true for those who have technical writing experience.


The strategy


You can promote yourself as a tech writer. This can give you an edge over general technical writers. For sample, tenancy’s say you are a mechanical novelist with 3 years of involvement in oil and gas manufacturing. And you want a job as a mid-level technical writer. But you will stay with the oil and gas industry. Instead of promoting yourself as a technical writer, you can call yourself an oil and gas technical writer.

senior technical writers

The key is to promote yourself as a specialist. If you promote yourself successfully, you will most likely get priority over senior technical writers who have decades of experience. They are generally technical writers. On the other hand, you are a specialist in your industry.


Think about it. If you were the owner of a software company and you were looking for a technical writer to write your software documentation, would you hire a generic technical writer with ten years of experience or a specialized software engineering writer with four years of experience?

It is like comparing doctors who are general practitioners and those who are specialists. Specialists make much more money than general practitioners. But remember, even specialist doctors have to go through a basic medical school and then choose their specialty. So to become a technical writer, you must first undergo basic training in technical writing. In other words, you must first be a generalist and then develop a professional.

custom this approach

You would only custom this approach if you want to stick to one manufacturing. However, if you want to expose yourself to different industries, you shouldn’t be promoting yourself as a specialist. Second, you may not have many options depending on your location. Some cities are highly dependent on industry. For example, if you live in Detroit, you may only have the opportunity to work for the auto industry.


On the other hand, if you live in Houston, you have the oil and gas industry, aviation, and the biomedical field. You can specialize in one of these industries.


How to Promote Yourself as a Technical Writer Specialist


First, include it on your resume, cover letter, and all of your marketing materials. Introduce yourself as a technical writer specializing in a particular industry. When you talk to recruiters, tell them you are a software writer or an oil and gas writer, or a biomedical writer. If a job opens in your chosen industry, recruiters will think of you right away.

some experience as a technical writer

At the beginning of this essay, I said that you should only use this strategy if you have some experience as a technical writer. There is an exception to this. If you have experience working in a particular industry and want to become a technical writer specializing in that industry, you can promote yourself as a technical writing specialist.


For example, suppose you have worked in the healthcare sector as a nurse. And you will become a technical writer in the healthcare industry. You can promote yourself as a professional healthcare writer and specialize in the healthcare industry.


It’s your choice. You can promote yourself as a tech writer. But whatever you do, you need to know the basics of technical writing. It is the foundation on which your technical writing career will be built.


If you can write a simple sentence and organize your thoughts, technical writing can be a rewarding field. You can easily turn it into another source of income in your spare time.

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